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Why Study in South Korea? – Student Guide

South Korea Study Guide

Education History of South Korea

South Korea is recognized as one of the most educated countries in the world. Nearly, 70% of its population between the ages of 25 and 35 have acquired some kind of post-secondary education. Student performance in certain standardized tests also highlights the good quality of school education in South Korea.

Due to its strong economic impact and decisive economic sustainability envisaged in the long run, this tiger economy of Asia is evolving the connotation of developing economies transformation into global players.

The country took revolutionary steps to transform its education system by devoting its focus to it. From 1980 onward the policies were implemented to promote education and this bore fruits when after 2 decades the enrollment in tertiary education increased five times and higher education enrollment went from 0.5 million to 3.3 million in 2015.

South Koreans emphasize a lot on education and therefore, better incomes, social status, authoritative position in jobs are classified with the level and quality of education acquired by an individual. Therefore, competition in terms of education in this country may not find it’s parallel.

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South Korea with Inspiring Numbers

The number of international students that study in South Korea is increasing rapidly now. A decade ago international students were a few thousand but the total number of international students has surged to 160,165 in the year 2019. This includes enrolment in universities and colleges. South Korea is home to a very small indigenous population and the recent surge in the publicity of university has paved the way for overseas students to avail of admission in state of the art universities in South Korea. Since, 2017 a significant increase of 30% in international students has been observed, with a 10%-13%, yearly increase. There are more than 400 universities and community colleges in South Korea.

Among countries that make the highest proportion of overseas students that study in South Korea are China, Vietnam, USA, Japan, and Mongolia. China represents 44% of all the international students, Vietnam 23.4% international students, Mongolia 4.6%, Japan 2.7%, and USA 1.8%.

Vietnamese student enrollment increased by a whopping 156%, in the last two years. 70% of the students are enrolled in degree programs in South Korea while the rest of the students have applied for the Korean language and training.

Why South Korea Appeals to Student From Pakistan

  • High-Quality Education Legacy Retained

Education has had always been the top priority of Koreans. It is evident from the history of South Korea’s immense emphasize on education. It has become the societal demand to excel further in education to survive in high competing markets. Education as the backbones has led to the creation of the world’s best universities and vocational training institutions in South Korea, these include but not limited to; Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST), Seoul National University, Korea University, Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), Yonsei University and etc.

  • Affordable Cost of Living

The cost of living in South Korea, except for Seoul is very affordable. Students have generally lots of options to secure scholarships and therefore, have too little to bother about the expenses. But even if in case you had to manage your expenses, you can seek accommodation, food, traveling and some entertainment in a very reasonable amount. But if you got more to spend, you can enjoy the perk of living in high-end apartments, lavish foods, lots of luxury traveling and off-course compliment yourself with the nightlife of South Korea.

  • Scholarships to Attract Foreign Students

Pakistani students can seek many scholarship opportunities in South Korea. Given the focus of the South Korean government on attracting international students, many scholarships that include grants and allowances for Ph.D.’s are offered. Technical education, engineering, business schools, and Research studies are the most famed areas opted by overseas students in South Korea and from Pakistan although, it is not the big contributor in international students pool in South Korea; every year many students secure fully-funded scholarships for education.

  • Best Travel Destination for Adventure Seekers

South Korea offers many exotic places to see when you plan to explore the country.  Beaches, beautiful landscapes, national parks, city life, high-tech infrastructure, and centuries-old civilizations are the must to visit travel destinations. Among many such locations following are some prominent ones; Changdeokgung Palace, Jeonju, Bukchon Hanok Village, Seoraksan National Park, Lotte World, Jeju Island, Gwanghwamun Gate, and Itaewon, etc.

  • A Perfect Blend of Classical and Modern culture

Koreans speak only one language and this is similar to the Japanese language. Also, Koreans generally have the highest literacy rate in the World. Religions practiced in South Korea are Confucianism, Christianity, and Buddhism. South Korean culture is shaped by Confucianism. Social classes are basically associated with the level of education attained. Kimchi is the national dish of South Korea, whereas their cuisines are based on rice, vegetable, and meat. Arts and Aesthetics are much emphasized in Korean culture.

South Korea Study Guide

Visa Categories for Studying in South Korea

To Study, you must apply for a student visa. There are two types of student visas i.e. D-2 and D-4. D-2 is applicable to those who want to seek admission in bachelor’s, masters or Ph.D. While, D-4 is applicable to those who want to learn Korean Language. On a D-2 visa, you can stay as long as two years. And certain documentation is required which includes.

  • Apply at Korean diplomatic mission in your country
  • Submit Visa application form i.e. Form 34 along with passport photocopy, photograph, and fee.
  • Certificates of respective educational institutes
  • Acceptance letter by University
  • Details of your Family members
  • Evidence of Financials to meet your educational expenses

List of South Korean Government and Universities Scholarships (List is updated regularly)

Cities in South Korea Best for Study and Living

  1. Seoul
  2. Daegu
  3. Busan
  4. Suwon
  5. Gwangju
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