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Why Study in UK? – Student Guide

Study in UK

UK With Inspiring Numbers

It is home to a large number of Pakistani residents and students who study in UK. According to an estimate, there are around 1.4 million Pakistani origin British nationals, while those living in Britain on Pakistani passport were around 0.2 million in 2017. Pakistanis are among the most common non-British nationals living in the UK and it has been forecasted that by 2031 at least 2.63 million people will belong to Pakistani ancestry.

International students in the UK make up almost 20% of the total student population i.e. 458,490 in the year 2017-18. Whereas, 14% of all undergraduate studies and 36% of all postgraduate studies. Similarly, 20% of all the staff in UK universities is international.

UK is also the largest producer of research publications in the world after the USA and China. International research collaboration accounted for almost 55% of total publication and in the year 2015, 15.2% of the world’s highly cited articles were produced by the UK.

The UK is among the most popular study destinations in the world. Non-European countries from where most of the international students come to the UK are China, India, the USA, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. And those from European countries are Italy, France, and Germany.

International students, Study in UK and opt for business and administrative studies the most, followed by engineering & technology and social studies, etc.  Nearly 38% enrolled in business and administrative studies in the year 2017-18. Most of the international staff in the UK comes from Italy followed by, Germany, Ireland, the USA and China. The Economic benefit that the UK derives from facilitating international students is in billions of pounds. 

Top five universities that enrolled the highest no. of students in the year 2017-18 were; the Open University, The University of Manchester, University College London, The University of Birmingham and the University of Leeds, respectively. 60% of the non-UK students opted for non-science subject areas while nearly 40% selected science subjects.

From September 2018 to 2019, a 14% increase has been gauged in the Tier 4 visa application of Non-European applicants. For the year 2019, Pakistan has ranked up to No.8 among non-EU countries in terms of international students that study in UK. China and India are still on the top.

Why UK Appeals to Students From Pakistan

  • World-Renowned Educational Institutes

To quote a few Oxford and Cambridge are the most famous and casually referred to as best institutions to study in UK. For decades, research and development is the core of the education ecosystem proliferating in the UK. Policymakers, industrialists, businessmen, celebrities and many big shots in the country have completed their education from prestigious institutes in the UK. The incumbent prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan also studied, Philosophy, politics, and economics from Keble College, in Oxford and graduated in 1975.

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Apart from this many Pakistani’s due to their ancestral linkage and close bonds with people of the UK prefer to go there for educational purposes besides, doing businesses and sponsorship by family members.   

Some of the top universities in the world are in the UK they are; the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, University College of London, Imperial College, St Andrews University, London School of Economics and, etc.

  • Communication Linkage with Pakistan (Perception)

The ancestral linkage with the UK before and after the creation of Pakistan has a huge impact on the people’s perception of the UK.  The influence of British colonization before independence has attracted many families seeking a better education and opportunities to expand their families on foreign soils to move to the UK and this was considered to be the prime destination for affluent Pakistanis.  After independence, people sharing family bonds improved traveling channels with time and investment, better living standards, educational incentives attracted people to travel in large no. to the UK. Currently, the UK hosts the largest number of Pakistani passport holders of Pakistani origin communities.

Different cultural activities are arranged to promote the bond between two countries and our singers, celebrities casually can be seen performing their art in the UK on different occasions.  Similarly, educational grants and scholarships such as Chevening are greatly promoted in Pakistan and different programs are pursued in Pakistan for the social and economic development of the general public.

Recently, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Pakistan and it really paved a way to further strengthening the ties between two countries. Such royal visits help in attracting the international community to focus on the untapped opportunities in Pakistan particularly, tourism.

  • Feel like Home

London, Bradford, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Nottingham, Leeds, etc. are the cities that host the largest number of the Pakistani community. People from Mirpur, Azad Jammu Kashmir reside in large numbers in the UK due to certain privileges granted to them as a result of their disputed territory back at home earlier and also due to re-settlement of families when Mangla Dam was built in the region. Also, back in the 1970s labor shortage in Britain attracted many people from Pakistan particularly from Punjab.  All these narratives point to the fact that Pakistani people enjoy great comfort and ease while planning to travel the UK and if not very close, someone in distant relatives and colleagues always has some connections in the UK. This genuinely endorses feels like a home argument for Pakistani’s in the UK.

  • Scholarships Opportunities

The UK offers many scholarships to Pakistani who study in UK. Programs are dedicated to attracting highly dedicated students from Pakistan into top-notch universities in the UK. Fully-funded scholarships allow prospective industries students to compete among many thousand applicants and secure admissions in venerated universities like Oxford and Cambridge to name a few. Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust Scholarships, Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships, and Chevening are among the few such opportunities offered to Pakistani students. Apart from this many grants, indigenous scholarships and exchange programs are arranged to expose Pakistani talent to the outside world.

  • Multicultural Society and Language Advantage

The UK not only host a large number of Pakistanis but also Indians and other citizens of sub-continental countries particularly those who study in UK. Due to better prospects for education, career and business people prefer the UK. Although, the impeding issue of Brexit has created some problems for people traveling to the UK from European countries and it is under critical debate to resolve the matter. In UK people speak English and due to this being the official language of Pakistan, people are generally familiar with this language and it requires little effort to understand English.

  • Standard of Living

According to the OECD economic survey of the United Kingdom, British people on average are satisfied with their life. life expectancy at birth is 81 years and those between the age of 25-64 who attained upper secondary education are 81%. 75% between the age group of 15-64 have paid jobs and per-capita income per year is USD 28715.

Study in UK

Visa Requirements for Studying in UK

If you are 16 and above and you want to apply to the UK for higher education then you must have to acquire a course offer from the institute registered with the UK government as a licensed Tier 4 sponsor. Once you acquire the offer I.e. Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS), now you can apply for a Tier 4 visa. Also, those who want to avail short term courses can avail short term visas (short term visa details).

Now there are certain courses which you must select to be eligible for Tier 4 Visa and list of those institutions offering courses are listed here.

The time limit for the Tier 4 student visa is up to two years if you are 18 and above. And during this time you must opt for the course that awards a degree in this time limit.

For Tier 4 visa you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Acquire CAS from institute offering course
  • Maintenance requirement i.e. amount you have to pay for your course provider and living cost for at least the first year of your stay in the UK.
  • English language proficiency test i.e. secure English language tests (SELT). IELTS also offer English proficiency test acceptable in the UK and it will be specially conducted for UK Visas and immigration purposes i.e. UKVI.
  • Your passport, previous qualification pre-requisite for course you opted, financial prove, official financial sponsors, police registration certificates, translations of documents and photographs, etc. are some of the requirement s you should meet. For a detailed checklist please click here.

List of UK Government and Universities Scholarships (List is updated regularly)

Cities in UK Best for Studying and Living

  • London
  • Edinburgh
  • Manchester
  • Oxford
  • Cambridge
  • Cardiff
  • Bristol
  • Birmingham
  • Newcastle
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