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Why Study in the US? Student Guide

study in the US

The US History

The USA is commonly considered to be the global leader in most of the fields of modern science and technology. Home to the world’s largest multinational enterprises the US offers, a great prospect for growth of businesses and individuals outstanding profile building. Once you spent time in the US you can secure promising jobs worldwide. Quality of Education, workplace capacity building, exposure to world-class corporate businesses, interaction with talented and diverse workforce, up to date certifications, highly demanding skill-building programs, intensive research and development programs, investments in the fields of space, microbiology, energy, financial technology are among few contrasting features highlighting glamour of living in US and its flourishing economy. The standard of living enjoyed by those living in the US is beyond comparison. The nightlife of Los Angles is the dream for many to come true someday.

After the American war of independence, that was fought from 1775-1783, independence was achieved by 13 colonies from Great Britain on 4th July 1776. In 1789, George Washington who was in the forefront during the American war was crowned the first president of the United States and he served two terms as President.

To get a detailed insight into American history you may search The Library of Congress, the largest library in the world with 168 million items. Their website contains events of history happened on each day of the year.

The US With Inspiring Numbers

The number of international students has crossed one million since the last few years, and every year some increase in percentage is evident. Although in recent times the increase is not very significant due to some of the main reasons cited by education consultants in the USA such as high cost of study, concerns of safety due to rampant incidents of gun violence in recent times, appreciation if dollar against struggling currencies, etc.

Out of total enrolment in USA, 5.5% i.e. 1,095,299 were international students in year 2018-19. This depicts an annual increase of 0.05%. The highest number of international students to enroll in the USA came from China and India. They make up more than half of total enrollments. This year’s annual increase in China and India was 1.7% and 2.9% respectively. Other countries with significant enrollment include South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, and Brazil. In the year 2018-19, Pakistan has posted a 5.6% increase in student enrollment in the USA.

The highest number of Undergraduates, Graduates, and Optional Practical training programs (OPT) inducts were from Asia. From Pakistan, 3,505 students enrolled in undergraduate, 2,761 enrolled in Graduate, 206 in non-degree and 1,385 in OPT. The highest enrollment in graduate and undergraduate was from China and India.

Top 5 Universities that host the largest number of international students are, New York University, University of Southern California, Northeastern University – Boston, Columbia University and the University of Illinois – Urbana – Champaign.

Students from Pakistan have applied largely in fields of study pertaining to Business & Management, Engineering, Math’s/Computer Science, and social sciences. Highest percentage i.e. nearly 25% applied in Engineering. Students from China and India mostly applied in similar fields as those by Pakistanis.

International students are pursuing degrees in Engineering, Business and management, maths and computer science the most.

The Primary source of funding used by international students is education funding by parents and family the most, followed by Current employment, funded by US College or University or Funded by Foreign Government and University. US College and Universities fund graduate study the most i.e. 36.4%. 

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Why The US Appeals to Students from Pakistan

  • Renowned Institutes

The USA round the globe is known for its progress and resourcefulness. The reason behind sustainable strategies adopted by the US is the availability of potential human capital. This prime asset of the economy is contributing their utmost to reap benefits which are countless. Innovations, discovering, technological developments, revolutionary researches are the hallmarks of the US economy. The intense competition for productivity, economic supremacy, financial independence, and to remain as a trendsetter; human resources must be ideally efficient and effective. World-famous universities and colleges equipped with cutting edge technologies and facilities allow students to garner and polish their skills to become the best in their respective fields. Well, known leaders, innovators, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, businessmen, politicians, bureaucrats and many more have grind their intellectual weapons in US institutes.

  • Land of Opportunities (Best Career Opportunities)

People are normally heard saying that America is the land of Opportunities. This narrative is based on some very factual grounds. Numerous Businesses in the US are of such large scope that they have networks across all continents. Many have revenues more than the entire yearly budgets of some countries accumulatively. This allows them to hire the best resources, provide the best working environment with lucrative salaries, perks, and benefits. After your graduation, your career prospects are very bright in and Outside the US. Average salaries are highest in the region and if you are an international student you can save a considerable portion of your income to support your family. The businesses thrive very fast, due to better purchasing power and huge consumer markets. Government plays a key role in supporting businesses and also new avenues are created for businesses to progress.

  • Variety of Course selection and Groundbreaking Research

More than 4000 institutes in the US provide higher education to students from across the globe. These institutes offer a variety of courses with expert faculty and up to date campuses equipped with technologically advanced infrastructure. Researches are supported with hefty grants and candid atmosphere along with tools and instrument of all kinds to assist you in undertaking any research activity. Basic courses of business, management, engineering, medical, and etc. are the best taught in American universities. Other fields of study such as space, marine life, astrology, modern medical sciences, emerging studies of technologies, etc. are the attraction to many students seeking education in diverse fields. A research carried out in 2010 delineated that around 0.6% of American GDP is dedicated to Research and development.

  • Home to Largest Number of MNC

The appetite of the US economy for business entrepreneurs is never-ending. Businesses always dream of setting up their operations in the US economy to reap the benefits of a growing consumer market along with cutting-edge competition that fosters the need for products and services with sophisticated, multi-featured, customized and economical utility. MNC’s such as Microsoft, SAS, NetApp, Google, FedEx Express, Cisco, Marriott, Mcdonald’s, Kimberly-Clarke, SC Johnson to name a few have their headquarters located in the USA. Similarly, there is a long list of MNC’s operating in the US and many are in the Fortune 500 list.  This makes US economy most lucrative and attractive for the workforce to get involved with global giants to earn great repute, personal development and nevertheless a sound profile building for career success.

  • Lavish State of the Art Campus Infrastructure

Universities in the US are not just a reflection of traditional lecture halls with some aid from multimedia to make classroom an interactive learning session but they are the multipurpose campuses that not only facilitates learning with modern amenities but also the gateway to enter into an ecosystem that promotes recreational activities, entertainment, dynamic societies and clubs with hefty grants to support their objectives. Supported with all modern infrastructures, e-learning, advance research labs and access to a wide array of academic and non-academic resources makes learning productive and interactive as never before. 

  • Multi-Cultural Country

In the US, you have the opportunity to interact with lots of ex-pats and students coming from all around the globe. This makes the US one of the most diverse and multi-culture countries in the world. You have the opportunity to experience top-class brands of different origins in the USA. Students in institutes whom you interact belong to different countries and you get to learn a lot from their experience. This makes your learning experience more dynamic and useful. People introduce you to their culture; foods, tradition and create an environment of mutual respect towards everyone. While interacting with so many people from diverse backgrounds, businesses are in a better position to understand their customers and create a strategy to meet their needs and wants sustainably.

study in the US
  • TOEFL vs IELTS vs Pearson PTE (English Proficiency Tests)

Educational testing service (ETS) conducts the ‘Test of English as Foreign Language’ TOEFL. Besides this, ETS also conducts other tests as well such as GRE, HiSET, Praxis, SAT, etc. TOEFL is accepted by more than 10,000 institutions across 150 countries. Universities in the USA, France, Germany, and Canada prefer TOEFL the most for admission purposes. It is preferred for study, immigration and work. 50 test dates per year on any authorized test center are dedicated to TOEFL. For admission to the university, you will prepare for the TOEFL iBT test.


International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is again the world-famous test of English Proficiency for studies, immigration, and work. IELTS is being conducted in 1600 locations across the world and it has two categories i.e. IELTS General and IELTS Academics. IELTS academic test for those who want to study abroad for higher education, whereas IELTS General is for those who want to apply for immigration to (Australia, UK and Canada), secondary education, training programs, and work experience. But still, you must always check the requirement for any one of the two tests before you opt.

Pearson PTE Academics

Pearson is a world’s renowned education company and they offer person PTE Academics for assessment of English proficiency. Many thousands of universities across the globe accept PTE Academics which includes but not limited to, Harvard Business School, INSEAD and Yale. They have a unique aspect which is AI. The algorithms by themselves assess the English language skills of any individual. In Australia and New Zealand, PTE academic is also recognized for student visa and migration as well. It has more than 250 test centers across 50 countries around the globe.

VISA requirements to Study in the US

To study in the USA you must first avail a valid visa. For students to carry out their studies in any of the universities or colleges they opt for Visa Category ‘F. Other categories include M and J and support vocation training programs and exchange programs respectively.

There are a few steps that you will follow when you will apply to study in the USA.

  • You will get admission approval by the University or College which is approved by the Department of Homeland security SEVP (Student and Exchange Visitor Program).
  • When the SEVP approved university enrolls you in any of the programs you will be registered into Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) and pay the SEVIS I-901 fee.
  • University will furnish you Form I-20 and when you are also registered with SEVIS, now you will apply for a student visa at U.S. Embassy or Consulate.
  • When you are scheduled for an interview you must present Form I-20.
  • While applying for a visa online you must fill Form DS-160 completely as per guidelines.
  • Other document required by interview officer includes your previous education details, test scores required by US institute, intent to depart from the US in completion of your studies, prove of financials to cover your education, accommodation, traveling and other miscellaneous expenses.
  • Also, you will undergo biometric verification. And when your visa is approved you will pay the visa issuance fee.
  • On getting your visa you are good to travel to the USA but permit to enter is granted by U.S. customs and border protection (CBP), they will decide either to let you enter or deny your entry. They will require your passport, visa and Form I-20.

Scholarships/Grants by the US Government and Universities (List is updated regularly)

Cities best for Studying and Living in the US

  • Boston
  • New York 
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Chicago
  • Washington DC
  • Atlanta
  • Pittsburgh
  • San Diego
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