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IT Industry Guide – Ailment Needs Cure (Episode 7)


(Industries with Lucrative Returns seeking IT Investment in Pakistan)

  • Tourism (Apps and Websites)

Website development and maintenance, Mobile App designing, social media marketing, content and creative works, word press expertise, SEO experts, payment systems and comprehensive enterprise resources systems are the latest trending requirements that can be fulfilled with some prior experience. Investors can invite IT experts to furnish their expertise in this regards and user-friendly end-to-end websites and apps can be developed for the flourishing tourism industry.

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  • Automobile  

Ride-hailing services such as Careem and Uber have made a great impact by revolutionizing the service industry. They have no doubt skimmed the best available benefit at the right time. But rapid urbanization means more customers and more business opportunities to cater to different classes of customers. Efficient Mobile apps designing is key to the success of this business model.

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  • Food Industry:

Efficient business management software and cost-efficient user-friendly interfaces to promote marketing and delivery are the need of this industry. Foodpanda is the best example of such needful IT applications.

  • Medical and Health

New startups are coming with creative ideas to cater to problems associated with the health sectors, such as the availability of virtual doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, etc. by means of mobile applications and handy software. A well connected and organized system will connect patients with doctors in remote areas and also in cases of emergency ambulances can also be added in a loop for transporting patients to nearby hospitals.

  • Education (Educational Products/Services)

The education system is witnessing a great revolution and new education products and services are being unveiled with rigorous research to make the learning process more interactive and informative. Distance learning, online application, and programs based on activity learning i.e. for kids and adults, a wide array of information sources, resources or teacher training, advanced research tools, and techniques, etc. are the areas where new ideas can make the learning experience more effective and quality-oriented. Online certifications and skill-building activities are among the most preferred ones.

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  • Office Automation (Paper-based to Computer-based)

Digitization of all paper-based activities will promote efficiency, time management, information sharing and effective evaluation of all stakeholders. A database compilation for many companies will take tons of files to be searched and tossed back in racks, with many employed for this activity but the online database will allow you to access every single file or record in a single click and you can mold, change as per your need anytime and anywhere.

  • Civic Needs (logistics  e.g. Cargos, Freight, etc)

All the industries have automated their setups with the help of efficient software and this way they can connect with customers, suppliers, distributors, etc. Also, advance enterprise systems such as SAP will allow complete integration of organization and each and every department will be synched together. This will allow the ultimate decision-maker to view activities on single dashboards. The implementation and maintenance of such complex enterprise systems require expert IT engineers.

  • E-commerce (Online Businesses)

In Pakistan, e-commerce platforms are the game changers and now people have built their trust around online shopping. The payment systems have improved and with a robust e-commerce business, the competitions and quality of items available online have improved. There is a lot of niche markets available that can be untapped with e-commerce businesses. People are now turning toward online sale and marketing of their products and services and it is a good opportunity for IT enthusiasts to come up with integrated e-commerce platform which not only supports the sale of products but hassle-free payment system and well connected to business stakeholders.

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