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Pakistan Travel Guide – First Episode

Travel guide

Travelling can be a lot more fun if you spare little time for planning beforehand. In haste, you can cover the place of your choice but you will skip lots of enthralling scenery, culture, food, activities and etc. So, make sure you have ample time to make a checklist of do’s and don’ts before you pack your bags.

Pakistan is the land of exquisite sceneries, magnificent mountains enriched with minerals, rivers offering magical picturesque of enchanting marine life, cultures with immense diversity, foods with mouthwatering taste and delicacy, blooming seasons and everything stunning, not possible to be summed up in few words and expressions.

Travel guide

Pakistan Travel Guide aims to provide its readers with first-hand information and updates of all traveling related essentials.

Local Travelers

Local people travel from every nook and crook of the country to enjoy the landscape offered particularly, by the mesmerizing northern part of Pakistan.  You may travel between the cities to explore the cultural heritage, unique history, and geography of each. Also, there are remains of ancient civilizations preserved by archeologists in all provinces. Rural life thrives across many parts of the country, people often visit them to witness simple yet energetic and remote yet socially connected lifestyle. The hue and cry in cities, with hectic routine demand some rest and undoubtedly, traveling to such peaceful and naturally preserved destinations rejuvenates life, and evoke a sense of gratefulness to have such blessings.

International Travelers

Tourists from all across the world flock to Pakistan to experience the beautiful landscape and hospitality of Pakistani people. Many come here to explore the unique culture, traditions and historical monuments. Some visit their religious places like Sikhs of India. Foreign explorers with interest in archeology come here to study the remains of civilizations dating back to thousands of years. Whereas, the majority spends their vacations in northern Pakistan, enjoy the wonders of nature that offer an unparalleled experience of adventure, peace, and unforgettable memories.

Places to See in Pakistan

Major destinations to travel Include but not limited to; Naran/Kaghan, Swat, Kashmir, Murree, Gilgit/Baltistan, Chitral, and Parachinar. Sub-destinations under each major destination can be planned to visit according to your itinerary and Budget.

Travel guide

Gears for your Ease

If you are planning your tour in winters then definitely you must have the gears to protect you from ice-cold weather. If you are planning a trek or hiking, make sure you carry the necessary gears with you, often in the remote areas, you may not find the gears to purchase. Camps, extra shoes, dry fruits, SCOM mobile Sim (provide mobile network coverage in the north), water and other essential items must be with you.

Facilities for Tourists

Government of Pakistan has started focusing on the development of the tourism industry and infrastructure is being updated likewise. Camping pods, motels, and restaurants are built to facilitate tourists.  Even local businessmen are encouraged to invest and avail subsidies to cater to the need of tourists. In most of the areas, government and private rest houses, restaurants, motels, camping pods can be easily accessed. Water is in abundance in most of the northern territory and for winters they cut trees to utilize as firewood. Electric heaters and gas heaters in some places are also offered to guests. Internet connectivity is abysmal and the government is making efforts to improve internet infrastructure as well.

Travel guide

Weather Conditions

It varies with time and destination. In spring you can enjoy the blossom and sunlight, in autumn, some places offer beautiful views of leaves turning red but the chill breeze makes it hard for you to stay outdoor for long. Winters are harsh you don’t want to get stuck in landslides, heavy snowfall, and downpours. In extreme weather, you might catch frostbite so be aware to consult your tour guide before you plan to travel anywhere in the north particularly in winters. Some of these places have mild summers and you can enjoy shopping and swimming in the rivers and lakes.


Variety of hotels ranging from average to very expensive can be located. Pakistan tourism development corporation (PTDC) also, operates its own line of hotels across the north.

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Culture and Tradition

Kashmiri culture, Chitrali culture, Punjabi culture, Balochi culture, Sindhi culture, Pakhtun culture, and many other thriving cultures can be explored each with its own, traditions, cultural food, rituals, and rich history.

Safety and Security

Government of Pakistan has taken key steps to ensure the safety and security of local as well as international tourists. People of the north are the most humble, modest and famous for their hospitality and they consider this in the first place, to be guardians of your safety and security.

More details on Pakistan Travel Guide will be shared in the upcoming blogs. Stay tuned!

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