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Study Abroad

In your surroundings, you often hear that someone is packing up to Study Abroad. Many go abroad for different reasons some in pursuit of training, some to meet their acquaintances, others to explore natural landscape and cultures but you will find a large number of those who are students, doing jobs or seeking residence in other countries i.e. Immigration. In this blog, we will explore some prominent reasons why Pakistani students in particular dream to travel abroad.

Whether you hail from a very rural part of the country or some vibrant urban town, your desire to travel abroad and quest to achieve that dream is the same but maybe motivation is different. Some want to experience dazzling European culture, the narrative of liberalism and others to learn, earn and prosper.

Apparently, students travel abroad for the following reasons:

Financial Reasons:

In Pakistan, the largest proportion of the population falls in the lower middle class or lower class section. They struggle hard to make the ends meet. The burgeoning expenses and lack of family planning reforms have put the burdens on the shoulders of bread earners.

Many families save their hard-earned money to send their young ones abroad to earn a good income and improve the living standard of other family members at home. The minimum wage rate in Pakistan is also not maintained and business owners, landlords exploit daily wage earners and tenants by paying them less. Thus, the lack of reform to ensure minimum wage and distribution of wealth from filthy rich to needy has created a huge gap. Rich is accumulating more wealth and the poor are even deprived of their due rights.

Therefore, families invest in their sons and daughters to go abroad, Study Abroad and earn to support their families. Many students work part-time with their studies to meet their educational expenses and also to alleviate the financial burden on their immediate families.

Countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, European states, UAE, etc. pay handsome wages and salaries to the working class and due to their strong currency position against Pakistani Rupee, even a wage earned in a single day by labor can be translated into accumulated month-long earnings of a laborer in Pakistan.

Study Abroad

Better Living Standards – Quality of Life

As mentioned earlier, the large proportion of students are those who want to have financial stability therefore, they make every single effort to improve their financial position. But, undoubtedly there are students who belong to well to do families and they equally desire to Study Abroad.

Their motivation is to enjoy better living standards. The move to big cities to experience world-class metropolitans, technology hubs, innovation centers, nightlife, and diversity. Nevertheless, with advancement and sheer innovation developed countries have countless opportunities and experiences to be explored.

Quality of Education

Pakistani students across the world are regarded for their hard work and enthusiasm to learn and excel. They are part of many prestigious educational institutes across the globe. Every year thousands of students successful qualify for scholarships offered by universities across the globe and other unable to qualify, surrender to self-finance.  

State of the art universities with an excellent reputation in their course of education attract students from all countries. The rigorous research and innovation along with excellence in teaching methodologies and skill-based learning have evolved the institutions into knowledge hubs. They lay the foundations of renowned CEOs, managers, engineers, doctors, businessmen, etc.

Students prepare themselves for scholarship opportunities offered by all the big educational institutions across the globe and once accepted the doors to endless opportunities are open to them.

Family members, relatives, acquaintances sponsoring stay

Pakistani families in large numbers are settled in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, European countries, the Middle East and other countries. Once the family member gets settled in one of the countries abroad they pave way for others to join them. By meeting the required lawful requirements, spouse, parents, kids, and siblings can join their family members. Even relatives sponsor their close acquaintances to travel abroad and become a Pakistani diaspora.

Other Perks of Studying Abroad

Diverse Culture Interaction

Once you have decided to Study Abroad and experience the international arena for any reason, you will interact with diverse cultures. Being part of any international institute you will come across people from different nationals, ethnic backgrounds and exhibit a variety of new cultural heritage and bonds. By interacting with them you will get to know about their cultural values, traditions, beliefs, etc. it is, therefore, emphasized that international students get a lot more opportunities to learn from people. They get to know lots of new things about people living in far-flung areas traveled all the way to prestigious universities to seek better expertise in their domain.

You will have the opportunity to learn new languages and customs. For business growth in today’s getting familiar with communication skills and do’s and don’ts of other cultures is very crucial. By interacting with diverse students coming from different countries you excel the communication skill and learn essentials of their culture which can be very helpful to you in your growth as part of organization or business.

Study Abroad

Lots of Traveling Opportunities

Students who love to travel will get the opportunity to explore true natural landscapes and tourism spots when they opt to Study Abroad. Universities organize educational tours and also summer camps in the famous tourist spots. Once you have new friends you can visit new places and spend vacations on tourism spots. For information on tours, you can meet local tour operators or country-specific tourism department. If you are planning long vacations make sure you inform your institution regarding your travel plan.

Better Career Opportunities

Landing in a prestigious university to excel in the course of your choice does promise better career opportunities. Many Pakistani students Study Abroad and after completing their studies they come back and secure good employment opportunities. Many after years of educational excellence prepare for civil services exams and get high-rank jobs in the country.

Even abroad if you have successfully completed your degree, you secure good jobs in renowned corporations. And chances to grow and progress are much higher. You can switch to other better opportunities across the states in the world in pursuit of a better job and career. You learn better and earn better.

Business Opportunities

Simultaneously, there are countless business opportunities in the international arena. You can pitch any effective idea with better marketing tools to millions of customers. With advance business mechanisms and channels, you can broadcast your product and services to all the customers across the globe without the hassle of traveling, packaging, transporting, recovering money, etc.  

Best Study Abroad Destinations for Pakistani Students

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Some Prominent Pakistani Students

Some well-known Pakistani’s who are making a global impact by traveling abroad are:

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